Mobile Storage Made Easy with Portable Containers

Get trusted, friendly, and expert help for your convenient moving and mobile storage needs.

Are you moving? Do you need extra storage? Want to declutter and free up space, but aren’t ready to get rid of items? Does your business need a new home for your assets? Don’t have a truck to move into a storage pod?

Let us bring the storage to you and take it away when you’re done filling it.

No matter what your situation, Lock n Go Mobile Storage is ready to help you with your moving and storage needs. You can look forward to a simple and easy move and storage experience.

If you need to move or store your belongs, chances are you’ve got plenty of other things to think about and plan. Reduce your stress and take advantage of our easy scheduling and expert guidance to not only get your items from A to B, and sometimes C, but also keep them 100% secure and protected. Our moving and storage pods are durable and secure from theft, weather, insects, and debris.

Lock n Go offers multiple convenient options for Calgary pods.

If you’re just looking for a container to rent, you can rent a storage unit at our clean and secure facility. You’ll have access to your own personal rental storage container from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m., 7 days a week. No need to call and make an appointment when you need access to your storage unit.

You can also enjoy the massive benefits of our portable storage container services. Lock n Go Mobile Storage will deliver your pod in the greater Calgary area for moving and storing at your own pace. You can choose to have us deliver your moving pod to you. You get to pack your items in our large moving pods, store for as long as you need, and we then pick up your empty moving container when you’re done, and we bring the moving containers back to our facility.

We also offer ultra-convenient packages that deliver our pods containers to multiple locations. We drop off at location A, you pack up your moving storage container at your own pace. We then pick up your mobile storage container and take it to location B, where you unpack at your pace. After that, we pick up your empty pod and take it back to our facility for you. Check out our different moving packages.

Our customer love moving by container for the ability to pack, store, and move in phases, on their own time—without the stress of paying overtime and extra fees as it is with traditional moving trucks. This method of pods moving and storing is also a go-to solution for people staging their home, allowing them to present a clean and tidy space to enhance the value and appeal of their home for sale. Others find it really helpful for when they send their kids off to university. Countless convenient applications for our rental storage containers.

Flexible Moving & Storage Pods Solutions

Convenient and Secure Mobile storage for Rent

If you need more flexibility with your moving and storage needs, then a mobile storage unit could fit your unique needs. Moving and storing has never been easier with the help of our movable pods.

Sometimes referred to as sea can storage or shipping container storage, our 20’ x 8’ portable storage containers offer all the space you need to load, move, and store a large variety of items. Whether you need to move a kid for college, pack up an entire studio apartment, or have a whole house you need to pack up, our rental storage units offer the convenience you need for a seamless experience moving with containers.

You can rent a container for storage with us knowing you’ll be getting the most for your hard-earned dollar. We always offer competitive pricing paired with exceptional, attentive customer service. You can also take advantage of additional cost savings by selecting one of our moving container rental packages.


We Treat Every Customer’s Property Like It’s Our Own

From the first minute your property comes into our care, to the last minute you unload and take it out of storage. You can move and store your precious items with full confidence knowing there’s the latest innovations behind our movable storage containers.

Our 20’ x 8’ storage containers for moving are lifted and transported with our innovative no-tilt system. Our pod transport technology ensures your moving container stays flat at all times to keep your items intact. We also have a specialized trailer, which allows us to get your portable storage unit into unique, hard-to-reach spots that most Calgary storage and moving companies can’t access.

Storage Containers Lifted and Moved for You

Movable Storage for Business

If you need moving container rentals for your business, look no further, we’ve got you covered with our moving containers storage solutions for all types of enterprises. Whether you’re splitting assets, downsizing, moving your operations, or somewhere in between, you’ll enjoy hassle-free pod storage and moving services with Lock n Go Mobile Storage

After experiencing the convenience of our pod containers, many local Calgary businesses have come to rely on us for long-term rental storage in addition to our portable storage units. In fact, the permanent storage at our site are the same strong, protective units as our mobile storage pods. That means you could have us drop off your mobile storage pod, you fill it, and we can then take it back our site for your convenient storage years on end without ever having to deal with the hassle of switching units.

Lock n Go Mobile Storage consistently delivers a seamless experience to help you focus on your business.

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